Biodynamische Craniosacraal Therapie: Module #1

Wat is Biodynamische Craniosacraal Therapie?

In de woorden van Tanya Desfontaines is dit wat je gaat leren in Module #1, Deepening into Biodynamics: The Three Bodies, Primary Respiration and Healing Processes: 

“The intention of this 5 day seminar is to review and deepen participants’ understanding and experience of the ground of biodynamics in clinical work. We will orient especially to what is known as the ‘three bodies’ or ‘three fields’ and the unfolding of healing processes within each field of action. A series of perceptual and clinical exercises will be explored that, in a graded manner, aid in the clarification and deepening of these concepts and phenomena. There is an emphasis on our orientation to health and resource, as trauma work is introduced, orienting participants to grounding, pacing, appropriate use of embodied felt resources and mindfulness based verbal skills.”

Voor wie

Deze module is uitsluitend toegankelijk voor afgestudeerde craniotherapeuten. Ook tweedejaars worden toegelaten. Om te kunnen deelnemen, moet je eerst een intromodule of een module #2 hebben gevolgd.


Datum: 22 t/m 26 maart 2023. Meld je hier aan.


Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag 10.00-16.00 uur


De docent van deze module is Tanya Desfontaines.


De kosten voor deze vijfdaagse module bedragen €795.00, incl. koffie/thee.
De PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.

Nadere toelichting op de inhoud:

Presence and the Safe Relational field

  • Settling into mindful awareness
  • Basic needs of being and the safe holding field
  • The two settlings – relational field and holistic shift
  • Introduction to the Inherent Treatment Plan

Primary Respiration and the Three Bodies

  • Three unfoldments of the human body – physical body, fluid body and tidal body, fields within fields
  • Fluid tide and Long tide
  • Suspensory dynamics of the holistic shift in three fields of action

The Three Functions of Potency and the Role of Stillness

  • Organizational – The ordering matrix – Universal (biodynamic) forces and natural fulcra
  • Protective – Conditional (experiential) forces and the generation of inertial fulcra
  • Healing – The resolution of inertia and restoration of health

Healing Dynamics of the Physical and Fluid Bodies

  • The mid tide – Motility, fluid tide, tidal potency
  • The inherent treatment plan and Dr. Becker’s 3 step awareness
  • Augmentation of potency within inertial areas
  • The state of balance as a gateway to long tide and dynamic stillness

Orientation to Long Tide

  • Long tide as the ground of session work and initiator of healing processes

Orientation to Dynamic Stillness

  • The nature of stillness as the ground of emergence
  • Orientation to stillness in session work