Tanya Desfontaines

Tanya began her career as a British NHS physiotherapist at the Royal London Hospital, exploring many traditions and modalities of holistic health before retraining as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in 2007. Life events including relocation to Devon, the birth of children, recovery from illness and bereavement, and shamanic studies have all played a part in her journey of personal healing and spiritual growth.

Tanya trained at the Karuna Institute from 2007-09 with Franklyn Sills, who later mentored her in becoming a senior tutor and course-coordinator at his prestigious school. Tanya’s teaching weaves together the cultivation of heart-centred presence and mindful awareness, trauma-informed relational and somatic skills and a profound appreciation of the Intelligent forces and processes of Life. The seminars she teaches at PCSA form a complete training in Biodynamics at Postgraduate level and were initially developed in collaboration with Franklyn Sills.

She is an accredited supervisor and international teacher of BCST and has her own Forest School of Biodynamics opening in Devon in the spring of 2023.

She lives with her family in South Devon, UK where she maintains a small but vibrant  private practice.


Tanya Desfontaines BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP RCST BCST