Biodynamische Cranio

In 2014 en 2015 heeft Franklyn Sills een introductieweekend Biodynamische Cranio Sacraal Therapie gegeven. In het najaar van 2017 komt er een vervolg. Docent van deze modules is Tanya Desfontaines, reeds jaren verbonden aan het Karuna instituut van Franklyn Sills. 

Deepening into Biodynamics
A two Seminar Grounding in the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy. 

Seminar One: The Three Bodies, Primary Respiration and the Healing Process

The intention of this first seminar is to review and deepen our understanding of biodynamic principles in clinical work, especially in relationship to what is known as the “three bodies” or “three fields.” We will discover that primary respiration is a field phenomenon and all of life is organized as fields within fields. We will learn to orient to these fields, classically called the physical, fluid and tidal bodies, as a suspensory system, fields suspended within fields. We will learn to sense the fluid tide and Long Tide in relationship to their presence, and orient to the unfolding of healing processes within each field of action. In this process we will sense the importance of a deepening state of dynamic equilibrium and balance where primary respiration clarifies and generates healing intentions. In this context, we will also orient to the three functions of what Dr. Sutherland called “potency,” the embodied life force within fluids that organize cells into tissues from the embryo throughout life. We will learn to sense potency’s organizational, protective and healing functions, and how to have clear clinical relationships to their presence. We will learn that it is these forces at work that continue to organize cells and tissues into form, and that compressions, density, strain etc. in tissues are not the origins of issues in the system, but are effects of these deeper forces at work. A series of perceptual and clinical exercises will be explored that, in a graded manner, aid in the clarification and deepening of these concepts and phenomena. This can have direct impact upon clinical outcomes, allow the practitioner greater ease in session work, and hopefully deepen participant's trust in the intelligence present in the human system.

Seminar Two: The Ordering Field, the Primal and Fluid Midlines, Central Nervous System and Polyvagal Relationships 

The intention of this second seminar is two-fold. First we orient to the expression of primary respiration and tissue organization within energetic ordering fields. We explore these organizing principles by learning to sense and orient to what is called the primal/notochord midline–the energetic midline of the ordering field for cellular and tissue form, and learn to sense its expression as an ordering midline throughout session work and life. The ordering field and its midline is the essential presence that allows the embryo to fold into a body form and, along with the potency within the fluid body, maintains tissue organization throughout life. We will also expand clinical skills to include what is know as “augmentation processes’” clinical skills that augment the expression of potency in states of stasis or unresolved density. We will then explore central nervous system embryology, motility and interpersonal neurobiology, including the stress response and the polyvagal autonomic nervous system. We incorporate the work of Drs. Dan Siegel and Stephen Porges into a heart-centered relational mind-body exploration. These perceptual and clinical explorations will support the central nervous system’s return to homeostasis, and help clients reestablish equilibrium in what Porges calls the social engagement system. So from our energetic exploration into the life expressions of primary respiration and its organizing forces, we also learn to orient to expressions of history and healing process within the context of the central nervous system as it expresses in session work.

Docent: Tanya Desfontaines

Deel 1: 11-15 okober, 5 hele dagen
Deel 2: 6-10 december, 5 hele dagen

Woensdag 9.30-18.00 uur
Donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdag 10.00-18.00 uur
Zondag: 10.00-16.00 uur

Kosten: €795.00 per module, incl. koffie/thee, PCSA is vrijgesteld van BTW.

Voorwaarde is dat je een introductieweekend bij Franklyn Sills hebt gevolgd. Deze module wordt in het Engels gegeven.


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Biodynamische Cranio